1. The chosen event / event company : the nature of the business, their

mission and values / justify the choice of the organisation.

2. Appraisal of Theories : What is the main theoretical grounding for your

report. Justify the choice of theories and critically appraise them.

3. Synopsis of Sustainability policy of the organisation – and a thorough

critique of the same based on theories included earlier

4. Recommendations, emerging from points 2 and 3.

The module will be assessed through an individual report of max. 3000 words,

assessing all the learning outcomes.

You are required to critically assess the sustainability policy of an events

business or event itself, and offer suitable recommendations in line with your

critical appraisal, and based on theories discussed in the class and beyond.

Support should be provided thoroughly.

The chosen event or event ­ management company could be of any size,

nature and in any location of your choice. Yet, it is not recommended to focus

on Global Business Operations (GBO), however. Examples such as the

Olympic Games, FIFA or Formula One events, lead often to weak reports as

to many variables are involved.


• All reports should be typed using 12p text, 1.5 line spacing, Arial

• All reports should be spell checked, peer review is allowed, the usage

of Grammarly is recommended,

• Focus and structure should be given with effective use of headings and

subheadings, pictures are not appreciated, (unless they significantly

contribute to the content),

• All sources must be referenced using the Harvard Referencing System,


• A full reference list of all sources must be included at the end of the


• Graphs and pictures are not appreciated, unless they support directly

the text provided

Appendices are allowed when needed


The course leader would like to suggest the following report structure:

u? Title page: Include the program name, module name and code, title,

student name and UoD number, lecturer name, and submission date.

u? Acknowledgements: If appropriate, provide a page acknowledging

those who helped you completing the report

u? Table of contents: List the contents (Introduction, Findings and

Analysis, Conclusion, References) and the page numbers they appear


u? Introduction: In approximately 300 words set the background, explain

the aim or goal of the report, the report approach and the

characteristics of the chosen event case.

u? Stakeholder theory: include who counts in your event case and why

u? Findings and analysis: In approximately 2’000 words present the

sustainable theories, applicable to your event case, describe the

sustainable event policy and the sustainable event practices.

Summarize your findings are provide linkage among.

u? Recommendation: address potential gaps, opportunities or ideas

reflecting on the presented sustainable theories, event policies and

their practices

u? Conclusion: In approximately 200­300 words summarize the main

points and justify your opinion.

u? References: Provide a reference list of all sources.

u? Appendix: When needed


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