Here is a scenario, which uses graphical displays, and your job is to assess accuracy of the result.
Suppose the administrator of your hospital wanted to reduce the number of nurses on staff and distributed a survey concerning this possibility. The results that came back appeared to be overwhelmingly against the project, but the administrator really wants to do this so he can save some money. His statistical consultant looked at the data and said,” You know, we can show that there are more for this proposal than against.”
A five point scale was used and the results are shown:

1= strongly opposed, 30 respondents
2= moderately opposed, 40 respondents
3= no opinion, 60 respondents
4= moderately for, 40 respondents
5= strongly for, 20 respondents

How do suppose the consultant managed to do this and do you think this is an ethical approach?

Solution Preview

In this case, the consultant can simply state that since 40 support moderately and 20 support strongly, the total is 60, but …

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