Summative Assessment: Family and Community Assessment

Part 1: Abuse and Neglect: Orientation Project 

Select a family within your community as the basis for completion of assessments in this course. 


Complete and submit a signed Family Release of Confidentiality form to your course instructor prior to your first point of contact with the selected family. 


Review the key points of therapeutic conversation. 


Formulate key questions for obtaining valuable information. 


Ensure your family assessment addresses: 

  • Identifying data
  • Developmental stage and history of family
  • Environmental data
  • Family structure
  • Family functions
  • Family stress and coping
  • Family composition


Provide a brief overview of the family members. 


Complete a genogram and ecomap. 


Format your assessment data as follows: 

  • 875-word summary
  • Submit your genogram and ecomap as a mind map or other visual representation.


Note: Remove all personally identifying information, such as the family members’ names. Refer to family members by initials only. 

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