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this is apart of my FINAL! Please read over all material submitted.  This Research Proposal is related to a previous order- see the attached document (MILESTONE 4)!  this professor is detail oriented.


Your Research Proposal Outline will include the following elements (with these section headings):

I. Research Project title: At this stage, you need only give some thought to a brief title that communicates an overview of the project you have in mind.


II. A concise description of the project What is the project about? The problem should be focused enough that it can be researched in a single study. It should not be over-ambitious. Consider that you may be working on this research study primarily on your own with limited financial resources. Where will it be located? Who or what will you be investigating? Where possible, try and identify a specific research question. Start this section by stating your research question and then presenting your research proposal.


at are the implications? It would be helpful if this section can mention one or two trends from previous research and other academic literature related to your research topic/question.

III. Background and rationale for the project. Why do you think this issue needs to be investigated? Why is it important? What will people learn or gain?


IV. The suggested methodology for your research Describe how you think you could investigate your topic. How can you answer the research question? Be sure that your planned research is feasible. Think about how you will collect data to answer your research question? Will your approach be qualitative, quantitative, or mixed? What kind of sample would you need? You should identify a relevant sample and consider any problems of sample size or accessibility your research might generate. Where possible, think about how you would analyze the data that you produce. Refer to the research methods listed below and in your textbook for guidance.


V. Bibliography Use the online search feature of the KSU library (or any library of your choice) to identify peer-reviewed research articles from within the past seven years to inform and support your planned research. Cite at least five of these articles as your source material in APA 7 format.


Please review the detailed information for the Final Exam (a Research Proposal Outline) in Module 15.

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