Assignment 6

Based on what you have learned in this week’s readings and additional resources create a 10-minute presentation that addresses each of the following points. You may use PowerPoint, Prezi, Screencast-O-Matic, or another program you are familiar with.

·         Provide an overview of institutional approval and issues concerning human and animal participants that every researcher should know, such as the benefits of pilot studies, the necessity of gaining consent from research participants, and methods for data collection concerning human participants.

·         Describe how to choose a sample size, research instruments, and methods for outlining proper research procedure.

Be sure to completely address all of the prompts for each bullet point. Use clear headings that allow your professor to know which bullet you are addressing on the slides in your presentation. Support your content with at least three (3) citations throughout your presentation. Make sure to reference the citations using the APA writing style for the presentation.  Include a reference slide at the end. Follow best practices for PowerPoint and Prezi presentations related to text size, color, images, effects, wordiness, and multimedia enhancements (be sure to include these as they are prominent categories in the scoring guide).

·         Title slide (1 slide)

·         Institutional Approval of Research on Human Subjects (3-5 slides)

·         Sample Selection and Consent (3-5 slides)

·         Research Protocol and Instrumentation (3-5 slides)

·         References (1-2 slides)


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