Journal: Visit an Agency and Reflect

This article covers Journal: Visit an Agency and Reflect.


3-1 Discussion: Human Services Professionals and Other Helping Professions

In your textbook, you read about human services professionals and other professional helpers who work in the same setting. How are human services professionals similar to and different from other professionals who work in the same agency? How are they similar to and different from non-professional helpers (e.g., volunteers) who work in the same agency?

What could you do to work collaboratively with both other professionals and non-professionals in the agency?In your response to classmates, comment on which of their ideas about collaboration with others were the same as or different from the ideas in your own post. Look especially for new ideas that you had not written about in your initial post.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric PDF document.

3-2 Journal: Visit an Agency and Reflect


In your textbook, you read about working in an agency. Now you will explore a bit closer how the agency looks from your perspective and that of a client. The definition of a human services agency is so broad that you likely visit one frequently. Go sit in the waiting room of a human services agency in your community. If you are not able to visit an agency in person, refer to one of the agencies featured in one of the optional resources for the module (Bringing Storytime to the Long Wait for Social Services or What if Our Healthcare System Kept Us Healthy?). Consider the following questions from the point of view of a worker at the agency and that of a client:

  1. What do you think it is like to work at the agency? What might the agency look like through the clients\’ eyes?
  2. If you worked at the agency, what do you think your day-to-day challenges would be and why?
  3. How could you suggest an improved experience or environment to support the agency\’s clients?

It is important to understand the human services waiting room from the perspective of both an employee and a client in need of services. Submit your answers as a journal assignment.

For additional details, please refer to the Journal Guidelines and Rubric PDF document.


Journal: Visit an Agency and Reflect

            Human service agencies are majorly responsible for providing assistance, counseling, and other critical services for the specific population they serve. Working at a human service agency looks like a fulfilling job and, at the same time, an exhausting job. Working at a human service agency looks fulfilling because it involves interactions with people going through various issues within a particular community. It involves interacting with people going through different hardships and trying to create solutions, counsel, and help them in the best way possible. It looks exhausting because every day, there is always a case of an individual or group of people going through a problem that needs the intervention of a human service professional.

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Journal: Visit an Agency and Reflect
Journal: Visit an Agency and Reflect

            One of the challenges that I would face daily working at a human service agency is compassion fatigue and burnout. Burnout can be defined as tiredness, despair, or frustration brought on by the daily stresses of working in the human services field. Because human services work is often about social connections, patients’ or clients’ emotional states and responses can worsen burnout. Working for a human care agency may need more than the normal 9 to 5 schedule; balancing career and family can be difficult. Unfortunately, the 9-5 working day is no longer a feasible model for many organizations since society’s needs are changing and increasing.

            Some strategies would be significant to help improve the experience and environment for the agency’s clients. The professionals and non-professionals in the agency should go through intense training to enhance the interactions and quality of assistance they give to clients. There is a need to formulate policies and procedures that guide the professionals and non-professionals; their policies and procedures have to be strictly followed.


Onie, R. (n.d.). What if our health care system kept us healthy? [Video]. TED: Ideas worth spreading.

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