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I work in the field of education a Ga Pre- K teacher.   I have daily correspondence with administrators, colleagues, parents, and other professionals, such as therapists and medical professionals. While many different genres of writing cross my desk the most common is in email form. This genre is the most efficient way to reach the entire school body, or a just one individual. A great deal of information is dispensed this way and it is a written log of conversations that can be referred to a latter time. This is an extremely beneficial tool on my profession.

Depending on the who sends the email dictates its formality.  Administrators tend to send more formal emails when speaking to a mass audience, but less formal when speaking to a smaller team of people.  The writing is generally simple and detailed.  Whereas, parents and teachers use a more informal correspondence most of the time, but with a professional tone.  First person is appropriate for this genre correspondence.  It gives a more relatable reader and the reader understands the information provided is important and needs immediate attention.

There is a template in the informal opens with an informal greeting, and proceeds to the body of the email, and closes with informal salutation. A formal email correspondence should present much like a business letter. It has a logo or heading, the date, address the specific body or person, uses no slang or unprofessional jargon in the body. Content is very specific and concise. The closing with a formal salutation and contact information

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