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Creatures are different organic entities that serve people in various ways. Individuals take care of them as their pets, and some think about them as relatives. Creatures change in size, shape, and conduct. Each creature has its significance and is liable for keeping up with the equilibrium in the biological system.

The main attributes that separate creatures from people are that they don't can put themselves out there through discourse and can't think as indicated by the circumstances. Creatures will more often than not adjust to the spot and show up for as long as they can remember. Exposition on creatures for youngsters assists understudies with knowing plainly about creature conduct and different elements. It additionally spurs understudies to demonstrate consideration towards creatures and raise them as pets.

Qualities of Animals
In view of the way of behaving and certain body includes, the creatures are grouped into homegrown and wild creatures. By and large, every creature is inclined to wild climates; they have been trained either without anyone else or by people. Thus, a few creatures are known as homegrown creatures. The fundamental motivation behind taming is food and assurance.

Homegrown creatures have an alternate body structure; for example, their teeth are not sharp when contrasted with wild creatures. Their way of behaving is conditioned in a delicate way without being brutal. For instance, canines are restrained for being delicate by their lords and shielding the spot from outsiders. Elephants are tamed by certain individuals for moving the two people and merchandise. Then again, wild elephants act fiercely and are for the most part found in bunches known as crowds.

Wild creatures have unrefined way of behaving and are not found in the spots where people reside. Their living space is the backwoods, where they meander around for food and water. They look for their prey and furthermore shield themselves from hunters. The teeth of a few wild creatures are sharp, as they live on by hunting different creatures. These sharp teeth are utilized for tearing the tissue of creatures. Instances of wild creatures with sharp teeth are lion, tiger, fox and so on.

​​​​​​ Types of animals:
Creatures get by on air, land, and water. The main gathering of creatures that get by on both land and water are called creatures of land and water. Well evolved creatures are the main gathering of creatures that bring forth their posterity as opposed to laying eggs. Birds travel through the air, starting with one spot then onto the next with their wings, and live in homes for endurance. Bugs are one more gathering of creatures with generally six legs or more.

significance of animals:

The presence of creatures makes an equilibrium in the environment. Creatures have been utilized for quite a while by people for different purposes like food, transport and security. A few creatures are likewise utilized for horticulture. Creatures are useful in identifying any assaults from people or different creatures. They speak with one another in an unconventional manner and safeguard each other when out of luck.

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