“Baby think it over”

Essay – Must be typed (Single Space/Times New Roman Font/Size 12)

Description: Think of how your life is currently. Using information given in class lessons and through your own research, describe how your life would change if you were to become a parent at the current age you are now.  Follow the rubric to discuss the topics of how things would change socially, in your home, finances, education and life goals.  Remember that each paragraph has to contain a minimum of 5 sentences, cover each description, and have correct spelling and grammar.  


PO: Opening Statement

• What are the first things that come to mind as to how your life would change?

• What sacrifices would have to be made adjusting to parenthood?

• Think of this paragraph as describing the before and after of having a baby currently at this time & stage of your life.


P1: Socially & Home Life

• How would your social life change? Would you still have the same friends?

• What places would you be comfortable taking your baby?  Would you be uncomfortable taking your baby to certain places and/or exposing the baby to certain people?

• How would your home life change?  Would you stay in your current living situation or would it change?

• How would your family react to a new baby in the home?


P2: Finances

• How would your finances change by taking care of and providing for the baby?

• Describe a minimum of 3 extra costs to expect that would take care of the baby?

• Would you work full time or part time to take care of the extra costs?  If not, how would you come up with the extra money for baby expenses.


P3: Education & Life Goals

• Describe what level of education you currently have and what level of education you desired before the baby came.

• What were your future goals before the baby came and what are some goals you have as a parent to a new born?

• Describe a minimum of 3 goals you have for your new son or daughter and why those goals are important to you.


PC: Closing Statement

• Restate how you feel your life would change and/or stay the same if you were currently a parent to a new born.

• Make your closing statement here to conclude your paper.


When it gets into personal things, write it as you’re writing it from a ninth grader‘s perspective I just make things up if you need to.

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