Please select one of the two cases listed below:

 The Movie Exhibition Industry: 2015 (page C-141 in the Case Studies of your textbook) o Review trends in the general environment that affect the movie exhibition business, and establish whether the effects are helpful or harmful to theatre owners.

 Carlsberg in Emerging Markets (page C-47 in the Case Studies section of your textbook) o Conduct an industry environment analysis. Is Carlsberg A/S in an attractive industry? Write an essay-type answer using MSWord specifically addressing the question given with the case (500- 750 words). Your grade will be capped at 40% for the assignment. Use the guidance below to prepare your answer. Preparing the case answer

 Once you have selected the case, you should read it several times, carefully, paying attention to any tables, graphs or charts

 Analyse the main issues in the case using the tools, techniques, frameworks and/or models outlined in the book and/or used in the lectures

 Based on the outcome of your analyses, respond to the question/task accompanying the case you have selected o Answer the question asked or task required directly o Use the analyses you have done to provide support your answer o The idea is to show your analytical skills by using them and communicating the results of your effort (so, for example, you will not get extra marks for describing the five forces model but you will get marks for using it correctly and then presenting the results of your analysis)

Assessment criteria

 The case response will be assessed on the following criteria: o The quality of the answer – For example, has the question been answered fully? Does the answer show an understanding of the issues under scrutiny? Is the answer structured and logically organised? Or is it rambling and fragmented? o The quality of the supporting analysis – For example, does the answer show understanding of the tools, techniques, frameworks and/or models used? Is the answer based on the results of analysis? Is the answer derived from analysis/evaluation?

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