Evaluate to what extent you think that a business might focus on shareholders’ needs, while perhaps ignoring those of other stakeholders when making strategic decisions?  


This is a case study based report and you need to justify your answer with reference to a selected global or UK based organisation operating in the UK. Research relevant information about that organisation, its corporate values, declared objectives, and behaviour. The report should address the significance of the stakeholder theory, and consider broader aspects of CSR, Ethics and Sustainability for example. There should be critical evaluation and analysis, rather than be merely descriptive. 

Report Format: (Word Count: 1,000 words)

The format of the report should be as follows – 

Introduction (50 words)

Discussions (900 words)

– Use subheadings in the body of your essay

– Where published sources are used, there should be in-text citation.

Conclusion (50 words)

Reference List (NOT included in the word count

Learning Outcomes:

1. To demonstrate an understanding of management styles and models.

2. To demonstrate an understanding of issues related to human resource management.

3. To demonstrate an appreciation of issues related to marketing activities.


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