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Practice Go to www.spiritualityandpractice.com and click on “Justice” and explore what it says about this practice. Explore the resources that are listed on the right hand side under the “latest content”: art, quotes, book excerpts,video clips, teaching stories, etc. These will enrich your understanding of the practice. Then, try it out. See how it goes. Reflect on your experience of engaging in this practice.

choose the spiritual practice of Justice.

1. Describe one spiritual practice chosen from the two practices assigned. (5 points)
– What is the spiritual practice?
– How did you practice it? What was your experience in practice? Why/why not is this
practice for you?
2. Write about two resources from the spiritual practices website that add to your knowledge of this spiritual practice. (2.5 points each). Describe each resource and indicate the resource’s helpfulness in understanding this practice.

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