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  1. Print out and read Peralta’s 2010 article titled “Raced and gendered reactions to the deviance of drunkenness: A sociological analysis of race and gender disparities in alcohol use.” Because this article may be somewhat difficult, it is imperative that you take notes as you move through the article. It will actually save you time in the end. The article can be found in the eReserves link following the path: Content/Course Resources/eReserves/eReserves.
  2. After you have read the article, write an essay in which you address the following: a) what is the “time out” hypothesis and how does Peralta’s research refine it? b) briefly summarize what you feel to be Peralta’s most important findings as they relate to differences between and among Blacks and Whites, men and women? c) finally, explain what is “sociological” about the research and findings?


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