Please carefully read and consider the Case Study provided. From your knowledge of current legislation and policy, critically consider how this would inform the provision of services and/or support interventions to meet the needs of the service user.

Your answer needs to demonstrate how you have applied the law to the case study provided and your reasons for your consideration of specific laws or policies in relation to this case study.

SPAL assignment 1 – case study


This case study is about Rusty Brandi who is 48yrs. As a result of crimes committed, relative to her alcohol addiction and mental health state (a diagnosis of schizophrenia), has been arrested many times by police. She is often admitted to mental health services via section 136 of the Mental Health Act (1983; amended 2007) and then re-graded to section 3.

Rusty Brandi has been a victim of domestic violence for a long time, and this was a factor in her being evicted from her previous accommodation making her homeless. In addition she has been admitted to hospital on numerous occasions over the last 2 years as a result of alcohol related illness.

Following her eviction, she found accommodation at the Nightshelter, from where she has been barred on a number of occasions due to her excessive drinking and disruptive behaviour. Rusty Brandi has since found herself staying in public toilets; causing damage to property and being further arrested. Poor financial self-management has often resulted in non-payment of rent and bills; also resulting in difficulties in establishing a long-term tenancy.



1. In reference to policy and legislation; what are the duties of statutory services in supporting Rusty Brandi with her complex needs, including her housing need?

2. Consider restrictive mental health legislation which may enable mental health services to address Rusty Brandi ‘revolving door’ experience. Discuss the appropriateness and challenges of the restrictions.





The assessed learning outcomes for this assignment are as follows:

LO1     Critically consider current legislation and social policy highlighting its key features regarding the provision of services in the field of public health and social care  

LO5     Correctly apply the law in a given case scenario


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