Incorporate valid and relevant published and unpublished sources, which provide supporting material and include quantitative data.

The only requirement is that it is relevant to the clients chosen subject. That being mandatory versus voluntary social work registration in New Zealand.

The questions will be;

– Should social work registration become mandatory in New Zealand?
– What are the pros and cons of a mandatory framework compared with the currently voluntary one?
– Will mandatory registration impact the profession, how and why?
– Are there any benefits to mandatory registration?
– Why have other countries chosen this path?
– The history of social work registration in New Zealand.

Focus on the below:
– The benefits of a mandatory registration framework versus a voluntary one.
– Pros and cons of a mandatory framework
– Why other countries have chosen to make social work registration mandatory
– History of social work registration in New Zealand and other countries
– What impact will mandatory registration have on the profession. How and why? 
– Cultural considerations with mandatory registration

This order follows on from a literature review previously completed, order 458053. 

A mandatory registration Bill has currently passed its first reading in Parliament in New Zealan

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