This is a paper that is focusing on the short extended and reflection section essays writing. The paper also provides additional information on each section to use in writing the assignment paper clearly.

Short extended and reflection section essays writing

You should submit your work as a single file, with each response marked clearly. The format, otherwise, is up to you. Please aim to make your submission readable.

The examination divides into three section, as follows.

Section 1: Short Essays

1. What is your preferred definition of technology? How does your definition fare with respect to unifying many diverse instances under the concept technology? How does your definition fare with respect to drawing attention to kinds of technology that we tend to ignore or marginalize?
2. What does it mean to treat technology as a gadget? Why is this an extreme way to think about technology? Also, explain how an appropriate definition of technology helps us to avoid the extreme of treating technologies as gadgets.
3. What considerations are relevant to determining whether a technology is well-designed? Why? Give an example (not from class) that supports your answer.
4. What is the single greatest technological development in the last 100 years? What is its central bounty and spread? Also, what downsides, if any, has the development had? Why, despite these downsides, is it the greatest?

Section 2: Extended Essay

To what extent, if any, is technology responsible for the impacts of its use?

Part 1:  Firstly, state your answer in a clear and concise statement, and then provide an argument that supports your answer. The argument should contain at least one empirical claim about technology; and it should contain at least one conditional (“if…then…”) claim about how empirical facts bear upon the responsibility of technology. An outstanding explanation supports both claims with specific examples.

Part 2:  Secondly, provide an argument that supports a competing answer—an answer that contradicts your own. Explain why someone might this argument attractive, and also the kinds of evidence that one might bring to bear as support. An outstanding response appeals to reasons that are empirical rather than psychological.

Part 3:  Thirdly, explain why you judge that some claim in the argument of Part 2 is mistaken. Your explanation should do more than note that the claim is incompatible with your preferred answer. An outstanding explanation appeals to reasons that others might find persuasive.

Section 3: Reflection Essay
This course has five objectives:
1 Recognize philosophical problems, issues, and questions about technology.
2 Understand philosophical methodology.
3 Know important philosophical arguments, objections, and positions.
4 Construct and evaluate positions and objections.
5 Discuss with others, in a charitable and also reason-driven manner, significant concerns about how technology affects our lives.
Discuss how well you have achieved three of these objectives. Your discussion should mention specifics of your performance in the course.

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