I need help with a Political Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

500 words comparison and critique of reading. MAKE SURE ALL POINTS MADE ARE RELEVANT and SPECIFIC.!!!!!!!!!

Assigned reading: Pfaff, Steven. (2006) Exit-voice dynamics and the collapse of east Germany. Chapter 7 (pg 165-189)


200 words comparison the reading: Here you compare and connect the assigned reading to theories presented in the Ermakoff reading by answering the following questions.

(For the Ermakoff reading read pages 559-587 only.)

(1) how does the author’s argument expand, challenge, or refine previous readings or previous theories?

(2) To what extent does this argument contribute to the theoretical and empirical understanding of the issue under consideration?

Basically I want you to connect the themes present in the assigned reading to ones in the Ermakoff reading.


300 words critique the assigned reading:

1. provide a critical evaluation of the reading

2. what are the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s main argument and or the concepts laid out in the reading?

3. what is left ambitious, underdeveloped or unaddressed in the present reading? and what type of investigation could overcome these limitations?

Please Try to be as clear, precise and specific as possible when answering the questions above!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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