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Portfolio Contents:

  • A brief history of your fieldwork sites and services they provide
  • A copy of your group power-point presentation (Template on Moodle)
  • Any brochures or pictures of you at your sites or any event you were directly involved in (including site pictures)
  • Copies of your timesheets (Template on Moodle)
  • Copies of your individual reflections about your experience, how it has impacted you…your general thoughts about this experience, and the people you have served.

Reflection Paper Guidelines:

Written reflections are powerful ways to analyze, enhance and guide your service learning in health experience. An effective journal can capture the moment like a beautiful picture and can help you view your experience through different lenses. Reflections are not only descriptions of your experiences; they are also an account of what you learned from your experiences. As such, the reflective journal will be an important tool to document your learning and enhance your community service experiences.

Reflection Paper Format:

  • Include a brief description of your activities for the day.
  • What “stood out”, the best or worse thing that happened to you? What did you learn from this happening?
  • What did you learn about yourself, the people around you, and the service site? How is your experience related to your classroom work or larger issues in society?
  • Describe an internal or external conflict that has surfaced for you during your experience. Explain how you were able to cope with the situation.
  • How did your experience challenge your assumptions and stereotypes? What would you do differently or change in your experience?



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