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Follow the instructions below. This case study will explain and give you a visual understanding as well on how effective SEO is and the potential that it offers.

It is too crucial for you to understand this material, and this will only be beneficial to you. This assignment requires you to *fully* read the case study and research answers to some questions.

Read the case study HERE (Links to an external site.).

Answer the following questions:

  1. What are Exact Match Domains (EMD); and provide pros and cons on the use of EMDs.
  2. What opportunity does the case study (done by Siege Media) see in its research of Life Insurance?
    1. Why is the content quality low on the LifeInsuranceQuotes website that the research shows? What do you see on the image that makes the website low quality?
    2. What does Siege Media plan to do in terms of content strategy?
    3. Provide three (3) examples of what makes quality content
  3. Explain what is top, middle, and bottom-of-the-funnel content
    1. How is bottom of the funnel content/pages defined and applied in the case study?
  4. What is the purpose of earning links and how does it affect SEO?
  5. What does Siege Media suggest in the case study to keep content fresh?

The assignment needs to be in APA format (at least keep it close to APA as I look for neatness; I will mark off points if spacing does not meet APA requirements throughout your paper).

Research is free range, meaning that you can Google information, no peer review journals necessary.

You MUST reference any findings and cite the references within your paper.

The paper should be no less than three (3-4) pages long excluding title and reference pages.


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