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1. Score your response submitted for this Assignment according to the Self-Assessment Key provided here (next page).

a. With a red ink pen line through items in the Self-Assessment Key that are missing, incomplete, or incorrectly stated.

b. Mark up and annotate with a red ink pen your printed submission for this Assignment according to the assignment key.

c. Write your name on the Self-Assessment Key that you mark up.

2. Total the points for the assignment and write it on the Self-Assessment Key at the bottom and sign.

3. Prepare a short narrative (less than a page, double spaced) summarizing your assessment of your submitted Assignment. Describe the strengths and weaknesses and how you plan to improve your response in future assignments and grow through this process.

Note : The original assignment that this self assessment is going to be done on hasn’t been uploaded yet. i just uploaded the correct answers, grading rubric and instructions.


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