Select a disease or disorder to research within genetic and cancer. You will write a paper on a pathophysiological disease or disorder of your choice that relates to either the adult or child population. This assignment is an opportunity for you to explore a particular disease of interest to you. Paging through your textbooks and exploring the conditions of your clients in the clinical settings may provide ideas for topics. Its purpose is to assess your understanding and demonstrate your practical application of the pathophysiologic processes that occur in diseases. This comprehensive paper will be 9 to 10 pages in length, not including title page and references, and should include the following components:



Definition of the disease/disorder and the related epidemiology 15  
Description of the normal physiology of the system involved 15  
Explanation of the pathophysiology of the disease/disorder 15  
Description of the clinical manifestations and assessments 15  
Identification of the diagnostic testing for the disease/disorder 10  
Explanation of the clinical management and the effect on the pathophysiology of the disease 10  
APA format (title page, headers, heading, in-text citations, reference page) 10  
Choose two articles related to the   disease process. Articles must be less        than 5 years old, from a scholarly, peer reviewed journals. 10  


This paper will count as 10% of your overall grade.



If writing requirements are not followed precisely, your grade on written materials may begin with a grade of 89.

Specific writing requirements


1.     Use precise APA format that includes correct punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and references.

2.     Type must be Times Roman, 12-point font, and double-spaced.

3.     Use the spell check function on the computer (will help with #1).

4.     Use a COVER page on specific assignments following APA guidelines unless a model is given.

5.     Submit the paper Turnin will be used.

6.     Papers turned in past the due date will receive an automatic deduction of 10 points with the grade to start with a B (89) unless prior arrangements have been made with the professor.

7.     If page numbers are limited, pages that exceed the limit will NOT be read and further points may be removed if critical content was included on the excess pages.   

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