Is there a more effective screening tool for an Acute Hospital trust than the single alcohol screening question (M-SASQ)?

The work should be written focusing on an advanced nurse practitioner role, leadership and challenging and enhancing service delivery.

This is a 4000 word essay written in academic style. Or this assignment, you will choose an aspect of your current professional practice or a topic related to your own discipline where you wish to challenge the ‘status quo’ and offer a vision for an alternative service delivery strategy. This should then be used as the basis of a critical analysis which will enable you to demonstrate your achievement of the learning outcomes. You can choose your own topic and it is your responsibility to choose a topic which allows you to demonstrate understanding and developing mastery of all the learning outcomes. 

The subject should be clearly focused, important, current and relevant. 
You will analyse the subject in depth, debating the various issues involved. 
The chosen topic should be relevant to your own discipline and speciality. If you are employed, it should be relevant to your own professional practice and your organisation. 
You should relate your conclusions to practice and relate everything you write to the published literature of your discipline or profession. 
The analysis may be in the form of an essay or an article for publication. 

If you choose to write an article, you should decide on the journal it is intended for and take into consideration the requirements of that journal. 
An important factor in this assessment is how well you are able to critically analyse ideas and research in published texts and present these ideas in an objective way using good English and appropriate academic language, expressing yourself logically and clearly. 

You will be expected to achieve all the learning outcomes in as much as you should: 
1. Use good quality, current and an appropriate range of literature and research. 
2. Demonstrate that you are able to challenge other’s arguments, whether these arise from individuals, policies, employers, academics or government.
3. Include an argument of your own which you are able to defend using the skills of academic scholarship.
4. Show an awareness of the political and historical background and context for the subject you are analysing.
5. Within your analysis, demonstrate an awareness of how this subject, or the changes you might be proposing, will present challenges for leaders and for the professional development of individuals within the team. Explore how these challenges may be met. 
6. Apply the evidence to your own practice, including reflective evidence where appropriate to inform your argument and the development of the service you are writing about.
7. Be prepared to question and critique the ideas and methods of writers you are referring to.

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