You are a member of an operating room team. The hospital is reporting an increase in complication rates from your team. Choose one of the quality models and explain how you would use it to address the causes or the adverse events.

The biggest challenge to implementing evidence-based practice (EBP) within the organization according to my mentor is resistance from physicians and upper administration. She explains numerous individuals want to continue the path that they have always used. With change comes conflict. Overcoming the barriers experienced by the organization with implementing evidence-based nursing into practice has started by updating the policies and procedures to reflect current evidence-based practice measures. The nursing managers, directors, and quality/risk team hold meetings to review and revise practice standards to demonstrate present evidence-based nursing practice. When it comes to executing new policies, there is a level of opposition from nursing staff and providers alike. A possible solution as described by Straka, Brandt, and Brytus, (2013), could be monthly 30-minute lunch and learn continuing education sessions. These meetings would review topics such as searching and understanding literature, and leading staff through practice change (Straka et al., 2013). Getting staff to support EBP is also important to resolving the current issues. O.A.S.I.S. which means open your eyes, ask questions, search the literature, implement the findings and share the results is explained by Straka et al. (2013) to inspire nurses to examine clinical problems and examine the literature for best practices. Empowering staff is key to getting them to endorse an EBP culture.  Reference  Straka, K. L., Brandt, P., & Brytus, J. (2013). Brief Report: Creating a Culture of Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research in a Pediatric Hospital. Please see instructors comments below and make corrections . APA REFERENCE MUST INCLUDE DOI OR RETRIEVED FROM WITH INTEX CITATION

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