How to write an introduction for argumentative essay [+ Outline]

Steps on how to write an introduction for argumentative essay

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of essay that involves presenting both sides of an issue. You can either present both sides equally or choose to present one side more persuasively than the other. When writing an argumentative essay, the writer’s objective is to convince you to support their point of view on a particular topic.

To write an outstanding essay, you have to know what has already been said on your topic of choice. The only way to do this is through research. Therefore the writer’s views, arguments, and ideas are not only based on reasoning but also primarily on their existing evidence—these essays are very common in high school, college and university.

Sometimes, you will be given a topic to argue about, and other times you will choose the topic for yourself. Despite this, the underlying commonality is that you will decide your argument.

Argumentative essay structure; Steps on how to write an argumentative essay (How to write an introduction for an argumentative essay)

How to write an introduction for an argumentative essay

This first paragraph of your essay should include the topic outline, relevant background information central to your argument, and the presented evidence. This will be the hook for your argumentative essay.

At the end of your first paragraph, quote your thesis statement. It is a specific, clear, and short statement that asserts the main argument in the essay. Your entire essay is based on explaining and justifying this statement.   

  • How to write a thesis for an argumentative essay

With a thesis statement being one of the most critical parts of your essay, we will guide you on how to write one.

  • Turn the topic into a question – by transforming your topic into a question, you will be able to come up with answers which you can then develop into your thesis statement.
  • Highlight an argument and then refute it – introduce an idea that contrasts with your belief and then disprove it. This helps with the credibility of your statement because it used evidence.
  • Outline your main points – briefly present your main points and how you will support them. This helps give the readers a clear picture of what your essay entails, and it also keeps you organized.
  1. BodyHow to write an introduction for an argumentative essay

This is the central part of the essay. Usually comprised of three or more paragraphs, the body details the specific reasons why you support your claim, why readers should support or agree with your position, and evidence. The body is where you support your claims with examples, studies, research, statistics, and citations. Looking at the topic from different angles proves and disproves it in this section of the essay.

  1. How to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay    

In a paragraph, reinterpret your thesis statement to the readers based on your presented evidence and summarize some of the relevant arguments you have made. DO NOT introduce any new information in this section. You can appeal to the reader’s emotions by stating a personal anecdote or how your argument affects them directly.

How to write an introduction for an argumentative essay
Steps on how to write an argumentative essay

Basic components of an argumentative essay (how to write an introduction for an argumentative essay)

The basic components of an argumentative essay include:

  • Claim: A claim refers to the main argument of your essay. Claims should make a stand, shed light on your argument’s pertinence, be debatable, be specific, and convey your main idea. There are five types of claims:
  • Fact: Whether something is true or not.
  • Definition: The standard definition of your argument and your own interpretation.
  • Value: The significance of your argument.
  • Cause and effect: What causes your argument and the subsequent effects?
  • Policy: Why the readers should be concerned with your essay’s arguments.
  • Supporting points: These comprise the reasons why your readers should accept your argument claims.
  • Evidence: These are the materials you are basing your supporting points on.
How to write an introduction for argumentative essay
How to write an introduction for argumentative essay

Types of arguments

There are three types of arguments that you can use to shape your essay. You can use one or a combination to form a remarkable argumentative essay.

  • Classical/ Aristotelian: Here, you present your main argument, state what your opinion is, and convince the reader why yours is the right outlook. It is useful when the audience does not possess an opinion or enough information on a topic.
  • Rogerian: You present a problem, acknowledge that other points of view exist, state your stance, and explain why yours is the most favourable to the readers. This type is usually the best for divisive topics.
  • Toulmin: You present your claim, the reasons to support that claim, and then rationalize the reasons for that claim. Also useful for divisive topics.

If you are to choose a topic for yourself, you must consider these two things. Interest – are you interested in this topic? Selecting a topic that you are curious and excited about makes the entire writing process more comfortable and more enjoyable. Evidence – you may have a topic that you are interested in, but there is no sufficient evidence to back your arguments. Evidence means information found in books, journals, websites, magazines, encyclopedias, etc. Your personal opinion does not count as evidence

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how to write an introduction for argumentative essay
how to write an introduction for argumentative essay

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