Why is Calabria a good place to study longevity?  

1.      Why is Calabria a good place to study longevity?  Give three reasons in point form. 2.  What are three main points (in point form) scientists have learned about longevity?

Why is Calabria a good place to study longevity?

Section One: Beyond 100                                                                     

A.   Comprehension Questions

1.      Why is Calabria a good place to study longevity?  Give three reasons in point form.

2.  What are three main points (in point form) scientists have learned about longevity?

Answer the following in complete sentences.

3.  Why did the researchers compare centenarians with their spouses and siblings?

4.  What tools did the researchers use to make family trees of people in Calabria?

5.  What are two ways genetics can contribute to longevity?

Look at the infographic on page 175.

6.  Which country spends the most per person on health care? The least?

7.  Which country has the longest life expectancy?  The shortest?

8.  What can be inferred about the relationship between health care spending and longevity?

B.   Vocabulary in Context
Write a sentence that would show understanding of each of the words below.   You may any form of the words for your sentences. Use the context to help you understand their meaning. Edit your work.

1.  intact
2.  gain insight into
3.  mechanism
4.  unification
5.  outnumbering

Section Two: 10,000 Hours to Mastery        



A.   Comprehension Questions
Answer in complete sentences.

1.  In your own words, according to Gladwell, what is achievement?

2.  What was the one difference mentioned by Gladwell between the other bands and the Beatles that propelled the Beatles into such a huge success?

3.  In your own words, summarize paragraph 5 on what Levitin says about success.

4.  Look at numbers 9 to 10 in the passage.  What message do you think the author is trying to show from the three quotes?

B.     Vocabulary                                                                                           Using the correct form of the words from the list below, fill in the blanks.

expertise     transform            persistence           determination      transform

1.  According to Anna Pavlov, work has the ________________ effect of turning talent into genius.

2.  Gladwell believes that to achieve mastery, you must ________________ in your practice and never five up.

3.  Gladwell says it takes about ten years to attain true world-class _________.

4.  According to Gladwell, the ____________ of talent into expertise requires at least 10,000 hours.

5.  Twain said that if you are ______________ to succeed, half the battle is won.


Section 3: The World Turns Gray                      


A.   Comprehension Questions

1.  In a complete sentence, what is the main idea of this article?

2.  What do the two long lines going across the map represent?

3.  T/F  The average birthrate in the world has decreased since 1972.

4.  T/F  A ‘one-two-four” household has more young people than old people.

5.  T/F  The Muslim countries of the Middle East are aging countries.

6.  Which industrialized country had the lowest average retirement age for men in 1995?

7.  In 2050, which one of the industrialized countries listed in the bar chart will have the fewest workers supporting each retiree?

8.  In Paragraph 4, Neil Howe is quoted as saying, “The developed world at least got rich before it got old.  In the Third World, the trend is reversed.”  What does he mean?

9.  Look at the “Map Key.”  Two boxes use the term replacement fertility rates. What does that phrase mean?  How can a country have a below replacement fertility rate and not have a declining population?

10.  Does the author think the problems caused by global aging are worse than problems that would be caused by a rapidly increasing world population?

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