Week 5: Quality Management, Pricing Strategy, and Cost Management

A). How might you establish a supplier certification program?  What are the market niches for quality, and how do the various ways of defining quality with supply align to these various niches?  Also, what are all the different costs of quality?

B). After watching the CNBC Marketplace video below: Best before dates: How supermarkets tamper with your food, I’m sure you have lots of thoughts and opinions about supermarkets.  However, let’s take a strategic approach and conduct an assessment.  

Website is https://youtu.be/ZxCT_D6HBd8

(i). How do you think the supermarkets in the video approach to quality impacts purchasing and sourcing strategy?  

(ii). If you were in charge of setting policy and safety standards for supermarkets, which approach from Chapter 7 (six-sigma, statistical process control, or Taguchi method) do you think supermarkets should adopt?  Why did you select that approach and what specific evidence from the video supports your response?


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