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Unit 2 Assignment – Clinical Preparation Journal

Conducting a psychiatric evaluation is a multifactorial activity that should be executed by an interdisciplinary team of mental health practitioners who insightfully examines the patient’s comprehensive, holistic examination. This examination should address the client’s physical, social, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual components (Samartizis & Tallias, 2020). This essay, therefore, outlines the thoughts of a psychiatric mental health nurse assessment.

In my considered opinion, a psychiatric mental initial assessment is the first step of nursing where the clinician in context collects, organizes, evaluates, and documents the client’s information wellbeing. The assessment is important because it enables the physician or any other healthcare professional to understand the patient’s life issues ranging from physical, social, psychological, and cultural aspects, differentiates problems, and generates a nursing diagnosis with an appropriate care plan. Hudson (2016) observes that the patient further benefits from the assessment because a mentally ill health individual may have other problems like a poor diet. The physician also gets to know the patient’s cognitive functioning.

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Unit 2 Assignment - Clinical Preparation Journal
Unit 2 Assignment – Clinical Preparation Journal

During the Mental Health Initiation Assessment, some of the components that came as a surprise to me were that I had to distinguish between past medical history, past psychiatric history, mental treatment history, and the safety concerns of the patient. Getting answers to all these areas concisely differentiates the patient’s biopsychosocial history that covers the client’s life in its totality as opposed to a mental health status exam that evaluates the patient’s current behavior. To create a distinction, one can use BEST PICK as the acronym to guide the mental health assessment, namely Behavior and general appearance, Emotions, mood, ad affect, Speech Thought processes and content, disturbances at the Perceptual level, control of Impulse, Cognition, and Knowledge.

            In conclusion, the paper has established that Mental health initial; assessment not only focuses on the patient’s current illness but also helps develop a therapeutic relationship that enables the provider to complete the assessment comfortably. Furthermore, the physician gains confidence and consumes less time in completing it as communication skills between the patient and provider improve.


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