Understanding Serial Killers

Thesis : What are some causes/characteristics  of serial killers?

use at least ONE argument strategy

paper should: 

  • Make a claim based on your research, sources, and analysis, 
  • Appropriately incorporate sources for support, 
  • Address alternate views or perspectives towards your topic and illustrate why your own perspective is valid (rebut the opposition), 
  • Have a sound thesis statement that is supported by evidence throughout the paper, 
  • Summarize, paraphrase, and quote sources, 
  • Use a combination of sources, including peer-reviewed, CRAAP Tested Web sources, books, documentaries, etc.,
  • Be in MLA format, 
  • Have a works cited page in MLA format (not included in length requirement)
  • Be AT LEAST 6 pages (that means to the bottom of page 6)

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