Sustainability Problems

Sustainability Problems

What is needed for this project: Need a 1 to 2 page(s) PP that shows how math concepts can help explain how math is used in Health care. This will be don in linear equation and inequalities from chapter 2. Need notes below that gives the details (please see attached for my first example. Please also give reference of where the information on medical malpractice was gathered.

The Week assignment requires each team to select a scenario and explain how algebraic concepts underlie sustainable environmental, business, or human health practices.

Concept of Sustainability

Sustainability may broadly be defined as the ability of any system to sustain itself. Sustainability principles can apply to many areas, including human health, finances, and the environment. The following are details about how sustainability may be applied to environmental science, business, and human health practices for the purposes of this assignment:

Health practices focus on the ability of a human body to sustain itself. Such things as the intake of food versus the output of energy are part of this equilibrium. Current medical knowledge and practices also play into the equilibrium of the human body. The word sustainability could be used as another word for equilibrium.

If you choose this scenario, here is a list of problems from the text that address health sustainability. You can refer to this list for ideas for your presentation. Vary your selections so that each problem addresses a different math concept.

Section 1.2, Exercises, problem 139 (Adult Smokers)
Section 1.6, Exercises, problem 107 (Uninsured Americans)
Ch. 1, Review Exercises, problem 135 (Aging in the United States)
Section 2.3, Exercises, problem 61 (AIDS Deaths)
Section 2.5, Exercises, problem 125 (Life Expectancy)
Chapter 2 Test, problem 23 (Medical Malpractice) – Cheryl
Section 8.2, Exercises, problem 109 (Weight Lifting)
Section 3.1, Exercises, problem 47

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