Surveillance and disaster planning

1. What are the key aspects of public health response in disasters? Write 6 dot points ( Article: Natural Disasters, Armed Conflict and Public Health )

2. Read the Burnett article above and list the 5 main health needs of refugees and asylum seekers. ( , , )
3. In 200 words, describe the importance of mortality surveillance in the India project above. (Public Health Surveillance during a disaster. Centers for Disease Control Guidelines , Read the Mortality Surveillance System developed and implemented in India by the George Institute )

4. In 200 words, describe the importance communicable disease surveillance. (Read the National Surveillance Network page of the Department of Health )

5. In 200 words, describe the importance non-communicable disease surveillance.
6. In 200 words, describe how you felt about this topic. ( National Planning Principles for Animals in Disasters )
7. Following reading through the Booklet Unnatural disasters, write 200 words what you think about rescuing animals in Myanmar. ( Unnatural disasters – International Fund for Animal Welfare )
8. Describe a geographical disaster that has impacted on you personally. In 200 words, outline how it made you feel. (Hurricane Katrina )
9. Read the articles above and choose one disaster listed. Write 200 words in what were the lessons learned from this event? ( , , )
10. What forward planning do you think could be done to reduce the impact of a tsunami? Answer in a list of dot points. ( , )
11. Think about the human errors in each of these disasters. Choose one example and in 200 words, discuss what you think were the most critical factors in this disaster. ( Why the MH370 Public Response failed , The Concorde Disaster )

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