Summary of The Yellow Wallpaper

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Summary of The Yellow Wallpaper.Download file to see previous pages PlotJohn, the narrator’s husband with a typical authoritative attitude, instruc

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Summary of The Yellow Wallpaper.

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John, the narrator’s husband with a typical authoritative attitude, instructs the narrator to sleep in an upstairs room of the mansion. Not only this, John instructs the servants to take care of her whereabouts so that she might not get down. John asks the narrator to take rest, while she is ardent to do some work. Hence, the situation becomes near-confinement.

Upstairs, in her room, the narrator does not have impressive furniture, any sort of leisure or recreation, any book, or even any pen and paper. She is bored and terribly lonely. Gradually she begins to watch the yellow wallpaper on the walls of her room. She carefully examines the design of the wallpaper and starts remembering all the yellow things she saw in her previous life.

Slowly, she develops an impression that the house is haunted and another woman is staying there inside the yellow wallpaper. The wallpaper is relatively old, and probably that is why it is torn at one place or another. However, the narrator clearly takes this otherwise. She imagines that a lady and/or some children too, might have been confined in that room before her. They might have tried to escape and hence torn the yellow wallpaper. What is more, the narrator imagined, and at times she actually saw, that a lady was creeping inside the embroideries of the wallpaper. From her descriptions, the reader comes to know that the windows of the room are barred. doors leading to downstairs are closed or restricted by the servants. So instead of getting well in her resting room, she becomes more restless and discovers a kind of emancipation but addiction in the yellow wallpaper. At the end of the story, when her husband finally comes to take her downstairs as the summer is over and the couple is supposed to return home, the narrator reacts strangely. She herself creeps all around the room and claims that John can no longer confine her with the help of his servants. The strange sight is so unusual and appalling to John that he faints away. On the other hand, the narrator goes around and creeps over her husband’s unconscious body. Analysis The story has been analyzed by different critics from different angles. However, the psychological perspective appears to be most appropriately describing this story. The description of the story has to be analytical, while the story itself in the form of a narration in first person. This creates an impression of a psychoanalytic approach, which is often interrupted because the narrator herself gets confused time and again. At the first sight of the mansion, where the couple arrives at to spend their summer the narrator is bewildered and very dissatisfied. She states that the mansion appears to be “a haunted house” (Gilman, 1). But at this very beginning point, the reader is hinted about something is going wrong with the narrator. The narrator further thinks, “Still I will proudly declare that there is something queer about it.” (Gilman, 1) In the beginning of the story, the narrator is able to understand her situation and surroundings, willing to work, and quite disturbed with her husband.

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