Structural Mechanics in Construction and Civil Engineering

Questions are listed in the attached document – the questions are pasted below, but please bear in mind that many of these require diagrams for context, so make sure to view them in the attached file, too. There are 7 questions in total. 

Task 1 (for P1)
Describe with the aid of sketches, how the following beams and columns behave under load. Your sketches should show all the relevant annotations to indicate deflected shape, tension, compression and contra flexure. 

Task 2 (for M2)
With reference to the column diagrams above, explain how the effective length is affected by the end restraints and state the effective length for each column as a proportion of the actual length.

Task 3 (for P2)
a) Calculate support reactions R1 and R2 for the beam below
b) Neatly draw, to good scale, the shear force diagram
c) Draw to good scale the bending moment diagram. You may either calculate the bending moments from the areas in the shear force diagram or by taking moments about relevant points in the beam. 

Task 4 (for P3) 
Repeat the operations above for the beam shown below.

Task 5 (for M1)
What is contraflexure and where does it occur on the bending moment diagram of the beam in Task 4 above? What is the relationship between bending moment and shear force?

Task 6 (for P4)
Analyse the truss below using the joint method and graphical method. 

Label the frame with the magnitude and nature of the forces (whether struts or ties) indicating compression and tension by use of arrows.

Task 7 (for D1)

Compare your answers from each method. What is the maximum percentage difference for a member? Which method is quicker? Is the graphical method still relevant?

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