Self Portrait Composite

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In this project, you will be creating a composite in which you are the main character. You will create a composite that is believable, as if you were really in that scene. To do this, be sure you are really interacting with elements in the location you choose. You will be creating an 8×10 print of your finished project as well as submitting the final master file. Make sure all your image components can be printed at least 8×10 at 300 ppi.

  • Find a photograph of a location you would like to add yourself to. It can be a picture you have taken or one you find online that is labeled for “Reuse with Modification”.
  • Take a picture of yourself that will match with the location. Be sure camera angle, lighting, focus and everything match with the location picture you chose.
  • Use a selection tools and a mask to composite yourself into the location picture.
  • Use clipping masks to adjust yourself separately from the location to make the images match perfectly.
  • Create a shadow to make your composite more believable.
  • Use adjustment layers to correct the tone and color globally as needed.
  • Use adjustment layers and masks to correct the color and tone selectively as needed.
  • Organize your layers into groups.
  • Name all your layers descriptively.
  • Save as a psd file.

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