This sample SOP is for applying to a masters program in Information Management in the UK.


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Statement of Purpose “ Information Management


In the complex and interconnected world of international business, the science of information management is increasingly important. With my extensive educational background in computers, I have become quite interested and skilled in this area. However, if I am to prepare myself for the challenges of a successful future career, it is essential that I combine my background in computers with further education in management. Such an education will give me a unique competitive advantage in the international workplace. The masters program in Information Management at your university is therefore ideal for my professional goals.

I earned my Bachelors degree in Computer: Software Development at Goodwell University in [country]. At this school, I acquired thorough and comprehensive training in computers and software. Because of my longstanding interest in computers and my desire to focus my career in this field, I was very enthusiastic in my studies. Also, because of my desire to gain business-related skills, I have taken elective courses related to business, economics, management, and marketing. I feel strongly that it is more important that I receive a more business- and management-oriented education than a strictly computer-based education. For this reason, I have decided to build upon my undergraduate education by studying in your masters program in Information Management.

If given the opportunity to join your Information Management program, I will be able to utilize my extensive background in computers, while learning additional skills and techniques that will be greatly beneficial to my future career development. I hope to use my skills and background to learn how to effectively analyze and solve business problems. Modern businesses are heavily reliant on information systems, and this is integral to the successful management of an organization. I am eager to explore this field in the presence of the esteemed professors at your university. After researching your program, I am well aware of the quality of education that is available, and this has especially motivated me to pursue a slightly altered educational path, as the challenges and opportunities available at your university will allow my potential to grow unfettered.

After I graduate from your program, I will be uniquely prepared to face the challenges of the international business world. My short term goal is to seek employment in the UK that could serve as a practical supplement to my education. In the long-term, I plan to return to my native country, where the fast-developing economy requires experienced management professionals. The role of information management will be of increased importance in the coming years, and I plan to use my computing and management background to assist in the structured development of domestic companies. Your masters program in Information Management will allow me to achieve these goals, and I therefore greatly appreciate your consideration of my application.

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