Sample letter of recommendation request from a professor. The reference letter below is written by the professor of a university department, in support of a student who is applying to graduate school.

Sample letter of recommendation request from a professor

Dear Sir / Madam:

It is my great pleasure to write this letter in support of Miss Jane Smiths application to your esteemed university.

I instructed Miss Smith in the course Introduction to the Tourism Industry at XXX University in the Fall 2021 semester. She was unquestionably one of the most capable students in the class, and her work in the class consistently reflected a unique level of insightfulness and attention to detail. Her reports were always prepared on time, and she stood out among her peers for her eagerness to engage in the process of learning and discovery. Simply put, Miss Smith was a true pleasure to have in class.

During class discussions, Miss Smith was happy to voice her own viewpoints, and she often asked me for further clarification of points I covered in my lecture. In my conversations with her, I could see her strong interest in the tourism industry and her ambition for establishing a career in this field. In addition to her confidence and eagerness to learn, Miss Smith also made a good impression on me due to her pleasant personality. Certainly, she seemed to get on well with classmates and teachers at all times, and I imagine that she will do the same when she is in your institution.

Based on my observation of her abilities, I strongly believe she has the potential to be an outstanding student at your university. I therefore recommend her for admission to your masters program. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Yours sincerely,

Linda Johnson
Department of Tourism
Goodwell University

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Sample letter of recommendation from a professor

Sample Letter of Recommendation

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