Sample Letter of Recommendation Finance. The reference letter below is written by a professor in support of a student who is applying to graduate school. 

Sample Letter of Recommendation Finance

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. John Smith. I have known Mr. Smith for more than five years, as I was his Course Director and Professor of Macroeconomics at National Goodwell University.

Mr. Smith is quite simply an excellent student. He welcomed the complex challenges presented in my Macroeconomics course, and he took the initiative to engage in further discussion after class. He is extremely hard-working and truly insightful; these two traits combine to produce an especially unique and outstanding student.

Mr. Smiths academic ability is first-rate. He displays impressive logical thinking abilities and an intellectual curiosity beyond that of his peers. He was always an active participant in classes who listened eagerly and never hesitated to raise questions. Specifically, as regards his application for the MSc in Financial Economics, Mr. Smith has a strong academic background in relevant academic areas, and his academic performance ranked him firmly in the top of his class. Because of his drive and ambition, I am confident that Mr. Smith will remain in the top of his class and continue to display an excellent academic performance.

Aside from his outstanding academic qualities, Mr. Smith has a wealth of practical experience. He has qualified as a Senior Securities Specialist and he has gained experience working in the financial sector. Plus, he has studied English at Princeton University in the US. He has informed me that he plans to earn a PhD over the next 5 years, after which time I expect him to become a noteworthy professional. Your program will benefit him by training and challenging him to become a world-class professional.

Based on the above, I highly recommend Mr. Smith to your institution, without reservation. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.



Dave Johnson
National Goodwell University

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Sample Letter of Recommendation Finance

Sample Letter of Recommendation Finance
Sample Letter of Recommendation Finance 2

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