Requesting Dr.Vic-Translation Science Theories and Models

Week 6Translation Science Theories and Models



The purpose of this discussion is to provide you with the skills to examine the applicability of translation science theories and models in implementing practice change.


Reflect on your practice problem as you consider possible solutions and address the following:

1. Elaborate on your practice problem and select one translation science theory or model from the readings or lesson this week.

2. Provide a description of the components in the translation science theory or model you chose.

3. Assess the common barriers to evidence translation in addressing this problem.

Please click on the following link to review the DNP Discussion Guidelines on the Student Resource Center program page:

·     Link (webpage): DNP Discussion Guidelines



The four translation science theories and models we will review include the following:

·     Everett Rogers’s theory of diffusion of innovations, a five-step innovation-decision process

·     Knowledge to Action model

·     Normalization Process Theory

·     i-PARIHS model

Review the following activity to explore the four common translation processes


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