Regression and Interpretation

Excel file

Read Salkind, Chapter 16 carefully. As you read the textbook, you will find that the author describes steps and displays images of steps he has taken in Excel. When you come across such descriptions, please stop and do the steps he has described. In order to learn how to use Excel for this course, it is necessary to do the steps yourself and not just read about them.

Your goal for this lab is to accomplish the following:

  • Learn how to run regressions.
  • Learn how to interpret results from regressions.
  • Complete and submit the lab.

Submit answers to the following questions:

  • Time to Practice, Question 1, p. 450
  • Time to Practice, Question 2, p. 450

Download the attached file. You will find one tab with data specific to Question 1.

Complete the questions, write your answers in an MS Word document, and submit both files.

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