Project/Placement Design and Implementation

A brief background and context of the project being discussed and

analysed; 10% of the task

2. To demonstrate trans­disciplinary models / theories to underpin your

analysis; 15% of the task

3. To assess the project phases (preparation and implementation) and

evaluate their effectiveness; 15% of the task

4. To discuss the skills that you developed to solve work based

problems; 10% of

the task

5. To analyse and evaluate the action you did / did not take and why;

20% of the task

6. What learning you took from the project by giving a portfolio of

evidence (log books, critical incident diaries and feedback, to be

included in the appendices). 30% of the task

Total Marks for Assignment:



will upload all the relevant documentation you will need to answer these questions.

Always refer to the learning contract to answer the majority of the questions.

Regarding the ososim simulation, please read the hand­out and answer the questions based on your

own personal opinion.

If you need to add your own knowledge and make things up, please do so.

please read the power point presentations with the group tasks we were assigned and respond


I have completed the learning contract, so please do not attempt, only the six questions listed above.

On the learning contract, there is a section 5 which reads timetable, please make that section up

yourself, however still using the same tasks that I have listed.

here is a link to the 9 additional files you need to complete the work. this order can not be

completed without these specific documents. I have sent you a link to these files as they were to big

to email and upload. the link expires on the 9th april so when it does i will send you another link so

your in constant reference to the files


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