Popular vs, Scholalry

This is the link that i am using for this assignment  and below are the instruction and rubric for this assignment!



l do agree with  the views in this article.


Due 01/24/21 at 11:59pm – Write a short essay (minimum of 2 double spaced pages of content) addressing the following:

  1. Select a piece of information from a popular source NOT a trusted scholarly source (academic, research material). It is not necessary for you to agree or feel in alignment with the information presented. A popular source would include a webpage, a magazine or newspaper (print or online), social media, a news or video channel, etc.
  2. List your source and describe the core message/intent of this information along with the intended/potential audiences.
  3. What support is given to offer credibility/validity to this information?
  4. From the perspective of psychological/scientific research, how might this information either be (a) further supported or (b) rebuked, “de-bunked” with formal, scholarly resource material? Explain how and where you would look for this material and offer three examples of formal, scholarly material you’ve selected.
  5. Be sure to include in-text citations and formatted references (APA 7) in your work. This is an essay, so you will not need a title page or abstract. Please include a proper heading on your paper.
  6. Submit as an MS Word (.doc or .docx) document. If using Google docs, first save as an MS Word compatible file, then submit to the assignment dropbox. PLEASE DO NOT simply paste your Google Docs link in the dropbox.

Example: I may do an Internet/web search and navigate to the website for Newsweek magazine to review an article and video on Flat Earthers.

Assignment Rubric [45 total points available]:

  1. Alignment of content with assignment topic [0-10 points]
  2. Length: minimum of 2 double spaced pages [0-10 points]
  3. Formatting of document: 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins, proper heading and paragraph structure [0-5 points]
  4. Demonstrating college-level writing skills: see course menu item on Writing Resources [0-10 points]
  5. Reference(s) and in-text citations listed in APA 7th edition format: see APA reference information under START HERE course tab and Writing Resources menu item [0-10 points]


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