Nurse Leader Action plan

Consider the nurse leader’s role at each stage of your project.


Identify the actions that a nurse leader would take regarding the following:

  • Communication with stakeholders
  • Training
  • Budget
  • Change management
  • Include a specific change management theory that is appropriate to this project.
  • Authority


Format your assessment as one of the following:

  • 14- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation
  • The slides should only contain essential information and as little text as possible. Do not design a slide presentation made up of long bullet points. Use speaker notes to convey the details you would give if you were presenting. See create speaker notes from Microsoft® for more help.
  • Record and upload a video of a 12- to 15-minute oral presentation
  • See How to record online course videos at home from Podia for more help.
  • 875-word paper
  • Infographic
  • Another format approved by your instructor


Submit your assignment.

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