Nuclear Attack in San Francisco scenario analysis assignment

This is a paper that is requiring the student to reflect Nuclear Attack in San Francisco scenario analysis. The paper also provides additional questions to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description:

Nuclear Attack in San Francisco scenario analysis

Develop a comprehensive Recovery Plan for the scenario listed below. Please note all of the Recovery Plan Scenarios listed below are hypothetical. All of the information you need to create the Recovery Plan is contain within the hypothetical scenarios.
1.    Nuclear Scenario: Nuclear Attack in San Francisco
A small nuclear device with highly enriched uranium (HEU) has been detonated at San Francisco’s City Hall, which is in the heart of the city. The building and immediate surrounding areas are completely destroyed. Mass casualties are being reported.
San Francisco is known for its dense fog, mild temperatures, and also cool breezes. The city is a maze of one way streets; and is also well known for its hills, which range from approximately 200 to nearly 1000 feet.

Create a recovery plan based on this scenario, which is specific to a nuclear attack. Address all of the necessary criteria for the Recovery Plan as it relates to this nuclear scenario.

Nuclear Attack in San Francisco scenario analysis

The Recovery Plan should contain the following criteria:

1.    Firstly, explain the specific agent used in the attack and the effects of the agent on the victims and surrounding areas.
o   Explain symptoms victims will experience and display.
2.    Secondly, identify which government agencies (local, state, and federal) will need to be in the response to the terrorist attack.

3.    Thirdly, explain the appropriate role and responsibility for all agencies involved.
o   List communication methods between first responders and involved agencies; and also identify necessary information for communicating to the public.

4.    Fourthly, explain the unique challenges first responders will face when responding to the attack.
o   Identify the proper Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) for responding to the attack.
o   Address how first responders should establish a perimeter and how large the containment effort should be.

5.    Also, explain what sort of decontamination procedures and equipment will be necessary to treat victims.
o   Identify the appropriate decontamination stage for the attack, and also explain initial decontamination considerations.

6.    Explain the type of evidence first responders should be looking for, and also how first responders can preserve any evidence.
7.    Discuss the effect the attack will have on the area.
8.    Lastly, this paper must be a minimum of 12 pages (exclusive of APA title and reference pages).

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