major inventions of the late 19th century and early 20th century

They have been many major inventions within the late 19th and early 20th century. Throughout history, these inventions have made great impacts on society. Three of these inventions that made the greatest impact are the telephone, the telegraph, and the light bulb. Each of these inventions has made a different impact in some way but they are still some of the greatest inventions.

The telephone has left a huge impact on the world. The telephone is a device that can electronically transmit speech. Telephones are still today. People ranted about the helpful characteristics of the telephone. The telephone made communication easier and faster for people. It led to additional advances in networked communications. It also led to more job offerings, changes marketing and politics, and allowed more public feedback. At the same time privacy was a concern, but the telephone also increased privacy in many ways. It helped so people did not have to write letters to exchange information, yet people could eavesdrop on phone calls since they would have to go to a local store to make a phone call. The telephone usage has increased at high percentages since it was created. The telephone has made the world smaller and more accessible to everyone.

The telegraph was another invention that left a great impact on society. The telegraph worked by transmitting electrical signals of dots and dashes over a wire laid between stations. Within only nine years of the telegraph’s first message, only one state was not connected by telegraph. The telegraph reducing the amount of time it took to transfer information over large distances from weeks down to hours or minutes. The telegraph led to the inventions of the telephone, fax machines, and the Internet. The telegraph laid the basis for the communications revolution that led to those later inventions.

The light bulb had its on major impact on society. The light bulb is the first electrical light used. The light bulb has made working for longer hours possible. It has also removed fire hazards like oil lamps and candles. Light bulbs help you work at all possible hours instead of being interrupted when the sun goes down. The light bulb impacts society with other inventions that use light bulbs as a main resource such as the flashlight, the microwave oven, head lamps, and light houses. They also allowed people to move around at night without any dangers. When cars were invented, light bulbs were used for head lights and traffic lights. Light bulbs became a major resource of light for many people since they was invented.

There are many inventions that impacted society within the late 19th century and the early 20th century. Light bulb, telephone, and the telegraph are the three major inventions that had the greatest impact on society. They have all made different types of impacts in several different ways but they are still considered to be some of the greatest inventions in history.

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