literature review

· As part of this assessment you will be required to:

· Complete a 3000 word +/- 10%, Literature Review relating to the transition of the student nurse to a Registered Nurse.

Title: What are the challenges facing the student transitioning from a student nurse to a graduate nurse?

· How does a professional portfolio aid in the transition from student to graduate nurse?

· What are the effective coping strategies to manage the transition?

You will need to critically review a range of academic journal articles (no less than 15 peer reviewed articles, no older than 5 years old) to explore this topic. Look both locally, nationally, and internationally for literature.

This is to be written as a Literature Review, which requires the student to document their search strategy and key words. Report strategies to be put into a table.

Try this for a simple plan…minimum of 15 references not all in the table only those that fit your search. Using a methodical process helps make it easier.

A simple format…

 Introduction: background/why are you doing this review/what questions are you seeking answers to bring in your main and sub questions here

List Search words you words determine how many articles you find – use search words for each section

Identify Databases searched-use nursing databases One world searches everything.

State Inclusions exclusions ie English speaking, minimum of five years old….

Remaining articles tabled for ease of review – this is a small table so you can compare your articles- you pick your headings

Identify themes discuss, compare/contrast each one per paragraph

Conclusions and/or recommendations to answer your questions/apply to practice/answer the assignment brief

Write this in third person even if it is a personal plan.


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