Levels of Care and Interprofesional Collaboration

hi, I have a presentation due tomorrow and the topic I chose (NURS103), is “Levels of Care“. and the only ones we’re concerned with are primary through quaternary . My part is mostly fleshed out. I’m doing secondary and quarternary.

 I only need you to help me sort my topics into slides, research and fill in anymore information you can find, especially on quarternary care, and please add to my Google doc so I can refer to it as a script. I need to speak for at least 5 mins. and pretty please  help make the rest of my slideshow beautiful. Please take the links I provide and make citations too. the bold text indicate the following, minus the links is going to make up a slide.

the presentations are pretty straightforward and simple, it shouldn’t be a lot of work, and I’ve already provided a lot of info. 🙂  needs to go into my slides. If you wanna add images and get creative, I’d love that too, I really hate the current colors, and I love beautiful presentations.


do as much and whatever you can! I need help, because I suffered a traumatic injury, and I can’t reschedule my presentation .


it’s due tomorrow morning so really do whatever you need to do to make it presentation ready! 🙂

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