Journal Entry #4

Reflective journaling is a key pedagogical tool for metacognitive capacity building. The journal entry will cover the prior week’s content and your reflection on how that content relates to your previous thinking about leadership and how that content may pertain to your leadership experiences.

In each entry, you will answer these questions:

1. Summarize the content from the previous week. Be comprehensive (consider

overall themes, specific models/approaches/ideas, and strengths and


2. What was the most confusing element of the material from this week? Try to explain it.

3. How has the previous week’s material changed your understanding of leadership? Explain.

4. Equate the previous week’s material to a leadership situation you were in. Tell the story of what happened in that situation using the language of the

previous week’s material.

5. What about your preparation for class and learning this material went well? What could you have done differently or better?

Journal Entry should be 3-4 pages in length (it can be longer, but definitely not shorter), double-spaced, using 12-point font, and follow general APA guidelines for citations.

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