interrogating a news story

Interrogating a News Story


Identify a headline, and associated article, from a source of mainstream news this week (NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, The New York Times, etc.). You can use this link to review Top 15 Most Popular News Websites [].

Due 01/31/21 at 11:59pm – Write a short reflection (approx. 2 double spaced pages of content) of your understanding of the news article, addressing the following elements aligned with chapter 3 of our text:

  1. Were there any variables in this article? If so, please identify and describe each. At the end of the description, please list which one of the 4 types of Validities you believe best classifies the variable [Table 3.4 in text].
  2. What main/core claim is made in the article? Please list which of the 3 types of claims you believe best classifies the claim [Table 3.2 in text] and defend your selection.
  3. Write a brief paragraph to explain why you are or are not in agreement with the main/core claim made in this article. Please defend your decision.
  4. Be sure to include APA 7 formatted in-text citations and references in your work. Please include a proper heading on your paper. A title page and abstract are NOT needed.
  5. Submit as an MS Word (.doc or .docx) document. If using Google docs, first save as an MS Word compatible file, then submit to the assignment dropbox. PLEASE DO NOT simply paste your Google Docs link in the dropbox.

Assignment Rubric [45 total points available]:

  1. Alignment of content with assignment topic [0-10 points]
  2. Meets minimum for defined Length [0-10 points]
  3. Formatting of document: 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins, proper heading and paragraph structure [0-5 points]
  4. Demonstrating college-level writing skills: see course menu item on Writing Resources [0-10 points]
  5. Reference(s) and in-text citations listed in APA 7th edition format: see APA reference information under START HERE course tab and Writing Resources menu item [0-10 points]


 Below is an article link l chose, but YOU MAY USE ANY ARTICLE YOU LIKE from the !!  use the link provided in the instructions if you chose to change the article

article link:

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