International business cultures Power distance – Accept Unequal Distribution of Power Individualism/collectivism – Team vs.

International business cultures

Power distance – Accept Unequal Distribution of Power

Individualism/collectivism – Team vs. Group

Uncertainty avoidance – Tolerance for risk

Masculinity/femininity – Value assertiveness and materialism

Indulgence – Do we try to control impulses?

Pragmatism – Value for Past/Tradition – Way of doing things.


Research Hofstede’s model outlining the differences between International cultures – the link above will guide you (as will the text).  Review and explain the cultural differences between the business practices employed in the United States and those of one  country from each of two  other continents(your choice, but be sure it is included in the Hofstede “drop box”).   How might these differences influence the way you would conduct a meeting in the foreign countries you have chosen?   What do these “cultural dimensions” suggest about the United States’ potential strengths and weaknesses in the global economy?  In your opinion, are the other countries you have evaluated more or less equipped to succeed in the global economy?  Support your conclusions.

I choose China and UK, no minimum length for the answer.

Surname Name of studentName of tutorCourseDateInternational business cultureUnited States vs UKInterpretation of success- the definition of success between the United States and the UK is…

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