Implementation of Disabled Treatment Rights in Saudi Family


       A half‐page succinct explanation of your proposed research project in plain English

       The abstract is a concise, descriptive summary of your proposed research project.

       First introduce your research topic and explicate its significance. Then define your research problem(s) and research questions, describe/explain your proposed research methodology and method(s), and define intended contribution or significance.


       One third to a half‐page

       A clearly defined statements of the objectives of the research Here you need to clearly define your research objectives and research questions

       e.g., “ This study aims to explore/examine/investigate/address …. More specifically, it addresses the following research questions: ..” (then you can present primary as well as secondary research questions in a bullet format)


       3 to 3.5 pages

       The background of your proposed research project

       Literally ‘Background’ is your critical literature review (e.g., a condensed version of your second assignment)

       Here you need to:

       introduce your research topic and highlight its significance;

       define key research concepts/constructs as well as relevant theories;

       synthesise extant literature (both conceptual and empirical) on the topic with your critical thoughts as threads (bear in mind that everything exists in/has its meanings in relation to its specific time, space, context; and

       identify a gap/gaps in the literature





       One third to a half page

       The importance/relevance of your proposed research project OR expected contribution of your project

       You can think of ‘significance’ as expected contribution of your proposed research project.

       There are potentially 3 areas of contribution you can make: 1) theoretical, 2) methodological; and 3)practical/managerial. So please explore each of these in light of the gap/gaps you identified in Background.

       Your proposed project is significant as it is expected to generate/provide valuable/new insights into the extant body of knowledge in the field.

Research Method

       3 to 3.5 pages

       (an outline of your proposed research methodology and methods including sampling method, (sampling frame), instrumentation (key research questions and/or measurement scales), data collection, and data analysis). Here you need to present specific information on the above parameters of your research strategy. For example, you need to specify how many samples/interviews and how to identify them and approach them together with your justification for your chosen research strategy.

1. Is an appropriate research paradigm chosen for the proposed research project together with justification?

2. Is the selection of research methodology justified?

3. Are the proposed sampling method and respondents and/or informants well defined and justified?

4. Are key interview questions (for QUAL) and/or measurement scales (for QUANT) well defined?

5. Is an access strategy to proposed respondents (for QUANT) and/or informants (for QUAL) detailed?

6. Is a strategy for data analysis clearly defined?

       Ethical Issues (clearly demonstrate that you have considered all ethical issues which may arise

Use research methods references to support your choice of methods

Facilities, resources, data storage, timeline

       Facilities and Resources (An outline of these requirements for the completion of your proposed research ‐One third to a half page

      e.g., for your literature search, data collection and writing) Here you need to list all facilities and resources ($ ) required for your proposed research.

       Data Storage (e.g., For any future inquiry about the research project, the collected data in the project will be stored in a lockable cabinet at the School of XXXXX for seven years after completion of the project.)

       Time (realistic timeframe for the proposed research project) – see Gantt charts in Module 1. A half page.


                          APA STYLE

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