Humanities, Myth Writing 3 paragraphs

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In three paragraphs, address any and/or all of the questions below to help you brainstorm your myth for your final project. The questions in bold should absolutely be answered.

  • What type of myth do you plan to tell? What specific elements of that genre will be included in the myth you write?
  • What will your myth do specifically? What purpose will it serve? Or what explanation will it give? Or lesson will it teach?
  • How will it incorporate your personally developed definition of love, happiness or morality?
  • Based on these above responses, what is a potential title for this myth?
  • What possible ideas do you have for the visual component?
  • How do different cultures view the things you are discussing? Is there something unexplainable that needs to be explained? Is there some fear that needs to be analyzed or rationalized?
  • Does your story need characters? Do those characters need to be human? Do they need names? Should those names mean something?
  • Is there a hero? Is there a villain? Is one the protagonist? Are one of them telling the story? Does that change how we hero the hero or the villain?
  • What lesson do you want to teach? Who is supposed to learn this lesson? Everyone? Specific group?
  • Is happily ever after the result? Is this a cautionary tale? Is poetic justice served?
  • Is there irony in the story? Is it necessary?
  • Does there need to be heavy reliance on plot? Or is character development more important?
  • When should it take place and how important is setting? Mood? Tone? Colors?
  • Any important themes? Symbols? Are they religious overtones? Are they necessary?
  • Myth Definition: A myth is a classic or legendary story that usually focuses on a particular hero or event, and explains mysteries of nature, existence, or the universe with no true basis in fact. Myths exist in every culture; but the most well known in Western culture and literature are part of Greek and Roman mythology. The characters in myths—usually gods, goddesses, warriors, and heroes—are often responsible for the creation and maintenance of elements of nature, as well as physical, emotional, and practical aspects of human existence—for example Zeus; the god of the sky and the earth and father of gods and men, and Aphrodite; the goddess of love and fertility. A culture’s collective myths make up its mythology, a term that predates the word “myth” by centuries.


  • MUST NOT BE IN FIRST PERSON( No I, me, my, mine, we, us, our, ourselves, or myself)
  • Must be at least three paragraphs and must at least answer the bolded questions above
  • Must meet MLA guidelines (citations and works cited page not required)
  • Must be submitted before Sunday at 11:59pm

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